More important than security for your business is your home. Security for your home is essential and should be a top concern for homeowners. Don’t put yourself in a position to be victimized by burglars or house robbers. Call a locksmith today to get a professional look at your security system and to diagnose what exactly you need and what can help you! Call Locksmith Montclair today for a quote and diagnose of your security setting! Our locksmiths will examine your home and determine the best possible fit security wise. Don’t hesitate to call us now for any and all of your residential locksmith needs!

If you’ve been locked out of your home give us a call right away! We can get you inside your home within 20 minutes of your original call. We are a 24/7 mobile emergency service so if you are locked out at an unusual hour in the middle of the night we will be happy to take care of you! Often when you’re locked out you might of lost your key, if this is the case, we can make you a new key right from your door lock! However, if you’ve lost your house key this might not be the best option, we suggest rekeying the lock entirely. Rekeying means to rearrange the inside of your lock so it accepts a new key and no longer the old one you might of lost. We can rekey oyur lock, give you the new key and if anyone found your old key it will no longer work, solving that issue if you are worried about your lost key getting found! If you’ve been locked out of a bedroom we can let you in no problem. Perhaps you lost a key to a cabinet or compartment inside your home. We can open anything with a lock, don’t hesitate to give Locksmith Montclair a call!